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New Speed Buckle for Petite to Large Dogs

itsy bitsy doggie with a custom harness from Brilliant K9

Get Happy! The New Speed Buckle for our ergonomic dog harness is here. We have been looking for a better option than the side release buckles, it needed to be opened or closed with one hand, be low profile and at the same time be strong. Well it all came together in this New Speed Buckle. I made the first one for Jeanne to use on Lola, she has MS and struggles with limited dexterity.  She's become a huge fan of this buckle, it's made getting the harness on and off Lola so easy.  

Some very special agility friends have been testing these buckles for us. Our friends that have dogs with heavy coats absolutely love them, they are faster easier and their dogs coats do not get snapped up in the buckle. The video below will show what a great new option this is on our ergonomic dog harnesses.

It is available on sizes Callie - Petite - Stripper - Small - Tweener - Medium - Dixie - Large.



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