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BrilliantK9 is proud to have a complete collection of Ruff Tough Kennels for sale along with an assortment of traveling accessories. We've selected only our favorite and safest dog travel accessories for our store. We've arranged the items in this collection by size so you can find the right option for your dog! 

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions - Dog travel kennels are Non-Returnable, they are big heavy items to ship. Use the old measure twice and cut once.  A great option to try is take a cardboard box and cut it to the dimensions of the floor and the roof to ensure your dog will fit.

Now, the next question to consider is whether you are going to use this for medium to short trips a few hours or less. If so, then you'll want the crate a little snug fitting. If you are using it for long hauls of 4 hours or more, you might want to consider our larger Ruff Tough dog crates that provide more room for the dog.

If you have multiple dogs and plan on taking the crate in and out of the vehicle then we recommend the Ruff Tough Kennels, because we use them. There is no wire or metal that can cause your dog further injury. Ruff Tough Dog Kennels are bear-tested tough and have a lot of configuration options. We also sell custom-embroidered machine washable crate pad covers so that your dogs will be comfortable inside their crates.

We use Ruff Tough Kennels in our vehicles. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Ruff Tough dog crates, crate pad covers, or any of our dog travel accessories.