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BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Annette Tietz (Nashua, US)
3rd harness

Just purchased a harness for my new puppy. I have two goldens already that use these harnesses and this is my 3rd harness for my 3rd golden. High quality. Fun colors. Easy to adjust the fit. And thay last. 1st two harnesses going strong after almost 4 years.

Very impressive!

I purchased two king harnesses for my Rottweilers. I wanted to use them for free walks on hiking trails, so durability was a must. I was not disappointed, these are very well made and look fabulous at the same time. They answered all my questions in a very timely manner and were patient at my difficulty navigating the site. Thank you BrilliantK9 for your quality product and services! I will be back!

Best harness yet!!

I purchased a harness almost two years ago now and it has held up through everything chewy has thrown at it!! Excellent product I highly recommend this type of harness above all others!!!


This my second harness, loved it so much I needed a pretty new one! My dog loves it, so easy to put on, Sunny just pokes his nose through and in 2 secs its on and we're off! So easy and comfortable! Highly recommended!

Love it!!!

This is absolutely the best harness! I wasn't sure about the sizing since my dog is mixed breed rescue but Teri helped me pick the right one and it fits perfectly. Customer service is great! I have tried several harnesses from other companies and this is the only one that my dog seems comfortable in and does not pull.

The BEST harness

There are 10 dogs in my family who wear this harness. We love them for the ease of putting on to the way they fit our dogs. I’ve sent two of mine to Brilliant K9 for repair when a new dog chewed the buckles. Both harnesses came back like new! Highly recommend there harness.

Great Harness

They are great to work with. I love my new harness for my sheltie.

Love these harnesses !

This is the 4th or 5th harness we've purchased and it's beautiful, so well made and fits his body perfectly.
You can see the attention to detail and the care taken in making these harnesses.

Love, Love, Love this harness

This is the second one we have purchased from brilliantk9 and we couldn’t be happier. My boy loves scent work and loves to be stylish while hunting. We highly recommend this harness.

Another great job!

Teri did it again! This is my second purchase and I couldn’t be happier. Teri is very easy to work with, keeps in constant communication throughout the process and was super fast with delivery. The quick release buckle is perfect for agility and FastCat events. Oh and they wash well too! Brilliant K9 is the only harness that I will ever purchase for my dogs.

Happy small dog

First, Teri Jaymes was very helpful when I was preparing my order and after I got it today, I knew the money was worth it. The harness looks great, patches are perfect, it fits great and I love the speed buckle. My little guy walks so much better- less pulling. I should have purchased this years ago. The hardest thing was deciding on what design to pick! 🐾😀🐾


Amazing quality and customer service!! With a smaller dog it has been difficult to find a proper fitting harness let alone for a service dog!! The pocket to hold paperwork on the back is amazing!!! Can not sing enough praises!!!

Best Harness Ever

I am on my second Lily harness for my 9# Havanese. The first is still fine, but I wanted a new pattern. This harness is built specifically for her body type so there is no pulling at the neck or chest or behind the legs - just around her mid-body. I have perfect control, and there are no more matts behind her ears or front legs. It goes on easily and the regular clip works extremely well. I have not felt the need to try the magnetic option. The measuring process is a little cumbersome but Teri will help you through it, and it also helps if you send in a pic of your dog. I have been through multiple other harnesses and thrown them all away. This is extremely well made and worth every penny.

The Best!

This is Piper's second harness, I wanted a second one for variety. (She asked for a blue one to match her one blue eye). Please by these harnesses and support made in USA products and US small business. These are literally the best harnesses. I feel safe when Piper has it on. It is sturdy and excellently made. We live in a rural area with coyotes wandering at all times, I know if I need to grab Piper to safety, I can count on the strength of the harness and security of the buckle. Teri and her staff take pride in their products and want to make sure they are the correct fit for you pets.

sherry root

Great harness for agility competition

This is the third order of this harness for Luigi along with a couple for Sicily. I compete in agility with Lagotto Romagnolos and like the quick release buckle which is both easy to release and latch. The harness has plenty of adjustment to get the fit you want.


These harnesses are absolutely perfect I have just purchased my second one for my pup. My original one I purchase at USDAA Nationals years ago for my dog Gretchen. She wore that for all her therapy dog visits, she sadly has crossed over and there now is a new pup in town. Tried on the new pup and she loves it too. It is looking a little ragged besides I feel all my pups should have there own, the best part is I can send it back for repairs and I’m sure it will look like new. Great craftsmanship so many to choose from
Thanks again your product is definitely Brilliant

Special Needs Boy

Tilt has had his first Brilliant K9 harness for many years. It has held up wonderfully through many miles. He now has chronic neck problems and needs to always be in a harness when on leash. He needed a second harness so he always has a clean one. He is a slim 19 pound dog and the Garminn fits perfectly, allowing free movement with no pressure on that fragile neck.

Bells’ Second Harness

Bells now has 2 Brilliant K9 harnesses! Her first one was purchased years ago and is still as sturdy and attractive as when we first got it. I made the same small adjustments on the second harness and it fit perfectly. I love, love, love the quick release. In the many miles she has walked in her first harness, it still holds secure.

Poppy for my little Mighty Mite

The Poppy fits beautifully on my 9 pound miniature dachshund.

We love the harness

We love the harness. They are so accommodating toy requests. And they work so quickly even they are busy. Excellent customer service and care!

Great product! Even better service!!!!

Both my dogs wear these fantastic harnesses. My Bernese Mountain rescue dog recently chewed her magnet buckle. I sent her harness back to Brilliant K9 and they repaired it. Expected to wait weeks, but was extremely pleased to say they were very helpful with the return and her harness came back quickly. Very impressed with their speed and they even washed the harness. It was like receiving a brand new one . Highly recommend this company, keep up the good work Brilliant!!

Quality and Style

We needed a new harness for our black Labrador Retriever.
We always try to buy products made in the USA and by small business owners.
We were delighted when Gunner’s new Tribute harness arrived.
The quality is second to none. We love the design that honors our military and others in public service.
We received the product in a very short time after placing our order.
The day our order arrived, we received an e-mail asking if the order was satisfactory. That's customer service!
We recommend brilliantk9.com.

Just what I was looking for

I was looking for a strong but light weight harness for my Chinese Crested powderpuffs, which have long backs but deep chests. I have bought other, more "famous" brands before and gave them all away because they either were too stiff or heavy and never fit correctly regardless of how much I tinkered with them. And clipping them closed without catching my dog's coat in the buckle was always an issue. My friend recommended Brilliant K9 to me and I'm so happy she did! It arrived today, went on smoothly and fit properly! Also, I love that it's machine washable. I'm a customer for life!😍

XL Billiant K9 Harness

Bought my harness for my 93 pound Doberman, Steyr who had neck surgery 3 weeks ago. This harness fits perfectly below the incision and never pulls on the neck! Expertly crafted. I have used the same harness on 2 other dobies and my 80 pound Pitt bull. It completely stopped her pulling me and worked wonderfully for my front leg amputee Doberman. It didn’t slip down over the missing limb. I tried many harnesses on her and they all slipped. Truly this is the best harness ever! Thank you Brilliant K9 for solving many of my problems!

Beautiful Harness!

We love our new Lucy Large Harness! This is our second harness as our pup grew out of his first one. The quick magnetic buckle is awesome, easy on and off. I had questions about the second harness as I wanted to get the sizing right for our grown pup and they were very helpful and quick to respond. Thank you for your great quality product and service! Our boy looks very handsome in his harness. 😊🐾🐾