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Love the harness patches!

The harness patches are beautifully done and can be customized to fit any situation, or just simply have the dog’s name. :)

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Sandra Moody (Summerfield, US)
Love My New Harnesses

I have received three harnesses and am thrilled with them. They fit my dogs perfectly (thanks so much for helping with that process Teri). What I really like is the magnetic closure, My fingers have arthritis in them and I find those pinch closures to be too hard for my hands. This is so easy to open and close the harnesses.

Well made and fits perfect!

Our frenchie is not a fan of any harness or collars, but does not mind wearing this at all. It is comfortable and fits him perfectly. Although he wore a comfort harness prior, it still tugged at his neck. This is a must by for any frenchie owner looking to protect their neck on walks and bonus points for being a breeze to put on! Our frenchie approved!!!

Wrong buckle

Hi Teri, we're happy and so is Walter about his beautiful new harness! I just wanted to follow up and let you know that we believe that we specified that we wanted to upgrade to the "speed buckle" and paid extra for it. After realizing that Walter got four years out of his last harness we got from you, we are okay with the plastic buckle. You all went above and beyond when we lost our last pitbull rescue dog and exchanged his harness that we had bought two months after he passed away! Thank you so much for trading the old harness for the one you gave us for Walter four years ago! That in my opinion makes you all both caring and compassionate to the owners and clients that you serve. As a small business owner of a petsitting/ animal boarding I greatly appreciate you! And I will continue to send business your way.

Hi Zeke,
I do apologize for my error. I'm not OK with you having the wrong buckle. I will get the correct harness and buckle out to you early next week. Again I apologize and Thank You for the kind words.

Great harness

We have a harness for each dog. This is our fourth. Best ever.

Fergie loves it!

I did some research and found this harness online. I had another harness, but due to my corgi's short legs she could slip out of it. The quality of it was also suspect. K9's harness fits her well and she can't slip outoft it. The quick release is so easy to put on and it looks great on her with the optic orange fabric. The quality appears to be top notch and I might get another one in another fashion color!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Garminn
Rosemarie Huey (Quakertown, US)

The Brilliant K9 harness is my favorite harness. I just purchased my third one.

Custom embroidered harness

Beautiful harness

Team USA Harness

Brilliant K9 has supported agility Team USA with their awesome custom harness over the years. I have had the good luck to make several teams and loved both the generosity and the harness! Thank you Brilliant K9!

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Donna Evans Deyermond (North Olmsted, US)
A Lifesaver

My border collie has been uncomfortable in every harness I have bought for her, and I got her four years ago. Not only does this fit her properly, as it happened, I broke my wrist right before it arrived. Thanks to the magnetic clasp I can put it on and take it off with only one hand. It really turned out to be a lifesave for us! Thanks, Donna

Great Harnesses!!

I now have a few BrilliantK9 Harnesses for my girls and love them. I really like the quick release buckle and the ease of getting the harnesses on/off. Thank you for another wonderful harness!

Kate Moureaux and Prize (WAO/IFCS World Team Member)

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Steven Hemphill (Elk Grove Village, US)
These Harnesses are AWESOME

This is our second harness from BrilliantK9. We liked the first one so much that when she out grew it we ordered another one. They are incredible. Really well built and our pup seams to be really comfortable. It certainly does not slow her down. She's a frisbee maniac and wears her harness when she's flying around catching frisbees with ease. She gets lots of complements from folks in the neighborhood about how cool she looks too! Her fist harness was still in perfect shape so we donated the first one to the rescue that save her so another pup will get to enjoy it for years to come

*LIMITED* BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness
James Carlson (Cleveland, US)
Best harness

We have always been very happy with BrilliantK9 harnesses. They are easy to use, can be personalized, and are made with quality materials. You can’t go wrong with these products!

My Second Harness from K9B

First harness fit our big beagle perfectly. The second harness (we just bought) fits the Duck Toller perfectly. Completely different dog shapes. Great service as always.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Medium
Barbara L. Blanke (San Marcos, US)
Awesome products and service!!

These are the best dog walking tools ever. Gorgeous well constructed and fit perfectly! The companiy’s website is so helpful with getting the right fit and their followup with service and help is fantastic. I will return for new items when needed and appreciate their attention to detail!

The quality of the harness is exceptional. This is the 2nd one that I have purchased for my dog, since she out grew her 1st one. It fits well, holds up when washed and would recommend to anyone.

Great patch!

Your patches are high quality. Love telling the world about my good boy.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Renee Decker (Martinsburg, US)
Quite simply, excellent harnesses!

I have two Standard Poodles who compete in various dog sports. In particular, Scent Work, I have tried several brands of harnesses, but found others either restrict movement or, if the dog tugs, cuts off airways. The Brilliant K9 does neither, and both dogs move freely and don't even notice it on. Thank you Brilliant K9!!

BrilliantK9 Poo Bag Holder
Jolene Butler (Chicago, US)
It's great!

Perfect size and makes the bags easy to access.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium

Woodland Harness

Love harness, fits my Toller puppy well. He has outgrown 2 harnesses that I have and is not quite big enough for the other ones. This fits him well and the color looks great on him!!! This makes my 4th brilliant harness.

Prompt and perfect

Thanks for prompt service. One was not the color depicted. But they work well

Hi Barbara, if we sent you the wrong color or you are not happy with the color let me know and we will swap it for something you prefer.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Zeke
Brad Smith (Oceanside, US)
Great harness for the low riders!

This is a well made and dependable harness. We have a Lucy harness for our corgi which works great, but the new low rider Zeke harness fits even better. Will be ordering another soon.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Donna Evans Deyermond (North Olmsted, US)
Looks and Fits Great

This is the first harness I've had for my 4 yr old border collie that actually fits her long body!

Love it!

I recently ordered my 4th Brilliant K-9 harness, and I have loved every one of them. My 10-year-old Sheltie has been wearing hers for 9 years and it still looks good after many hours of hiking and swimming and machine-washing. Thank you for making such high quality harnesses!