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BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Petite
Linda Longo (Laurelton, New Jersey, United States)
Perfect for dogs that hate harnesses

My dogs would always grumble a bit when I try to take off our old harnesses because it was a lot of fussing and unbuckling. The BrilliantK9 harnesses are SO easy to take off. I haven't heard either of them grumble yet. I like that there isn't as much pressure on their shoulders as they walk, as well.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Customer (Milton, Pennsylvania, United States)
Best nosework harnesses ever

This harness is my third, since my puppy has grown up enough to have a custom one made. The other two are for each of my older dogs, and have held up wonderfully. They are all very well made, easy to put on, and beautiful to look it. This most recent one was made from custom fabric I provided to Teri. These are the only harnesses I use and the only ones I would recommend.

BrilliantK9 Dog Harness King Size
Customer (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, United States)
Great Harness

I have to start with the magnetic closure, it is the best feature on the harness! I suffer from autoimmune arthritis and this closure makes it fast and easy to put on or take off. The design makes it easy to get over her head (18 month old 105 lb Rottweiler) without upsetting her like standard harnesses you get at the pet store. The quality is great, the service was amazing! Being able to fill out the form and send pictures and get a personalized recommendation is part of why i decided to purchase the harness and i am so glad i did. I am sure this will not be my only purchase.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Poppy
Melody Clamp (West Columbia, South Carolina, United States)
Poppy harness

This is the second harness we have bought. Had a larger harness from previous dog but it was too big for our new dog. This harness is perfect for her (wish it had a handle like the other one). These harnesses are great. Would highly recommend to anyone.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Medium Dog Harness - Summer Mesh
Sandee Rychlik (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States)
Zekes summer mesh

🐾🐾🐾 Zeke loves his new yellow summer mesh harness. His dog park buddies admire his new look. Made well very durable stylish. We thank you Brilliant K9 team. Excellent craftsmanship. We recommend the harnesses to our dog park family.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Zeke
Kim H. (Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States)
Exceptional harness for my Corgi!!

After researching harnesses I found the best there is in my opinion! The Zeke harness has greatly improved walks with our corgi Skeeter! Thank you Brilliant K9!!

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Julie Weigl (Wales, Wisconsin, United States)
Perfect harness

Love this harness. Got the speed buckle which is amazing for my arthritic hands. Couldn’t be happier.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Small
Anne Nyffenegger (Rockledge, Florida, United States)
Great fit, prompt delivery

We appreciated the advice on fit - it works well. The summer mesh is all year here in Central Florida. We love having the embroidered name tags too. It arrived a lot faster than we expected since it was made to order. Thanks!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lily
Rebecca Davidson (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States)
Custom made harness

Harness was recommended by our pups chiropractor. It is custom fit. Very well made - color is great. Quality is as was presented on website Happy with our purchase and well worth the money.

BrilliantK9 Custom Fabric Harness, Backpack Etc
Melissa Speck (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Another Amazing Harness

Teri and her harnesses are awesome! She always has helpful suggestions for sizing/fit and communicates often with order updates! All three of my dogs have a brilliant k9 harness and we get compliments every where we go! The speed buckle makes all the difference when suiting up 3 long haired pups! With endless fabric & patch options, we are lifelong customers! Thank you Teri!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Medium
LLT (Cassville, New Jersey, United States)
wonderful product

Love everything about this vest...from the colors/prints, to the side velcro names, the design and my dog seems to love the comfort ot it.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Tina Bosemer (Columbus, Ohio, United States)

I love my girls harness, works great for scent work

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Medium Dog Harness - Summer Mesh
Janet H. (Bend, Oregon, United States)
Excellent customer service and product

Brilliant K9 is NOW my go-to source for a harness. Excellent product and attentive service.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Callie
Joey (Katy, Texas, United States)
Nice custom fit

I have purchased several harnesses over the years from BrilliantK9, and will be back for more in the future. Good quality and great fit for my dog.

BrilliantK9 Harness Repair
Linda Page (Kinston, North Carolina, United States)
Repairs on a Harness

I sent my 7 year old harness in for refurbishing. Got it back very quickly and it looks like a new one. Very pleased with the work and how fast the turnaround was. Wish I had done it sooner rather than waste money trying to find one that would be similar. Exellent harness and very easy to use.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Medium
Kimberly Hall (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great Harness

This is my second one and works great and easy to use for sure.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Darcy
Kelly K. (Anoka, Minnesota, United States)
Great Harness for a tiny dog!

I have a Yorkie that is 5 pounds, I bought multiple harnesses to try and find him one that fits and is safe for his neck. Brilliant K9 was recommended to me, I filled out the questionnaire and they got back to me within 24 hours.

I received the harness rather quickly and it was a perfect match. It fits my dog wonderfully, I barely had to adjust it! It has his name and my number on it in bright colors that are very easy to see.

They have so many great color and print options, you will have a unique and personal harness for your dog that you can't go to the store and buy!

This is only our first of many harnesses we are going to get!

Thank you so much for the great service!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Small
Pam Lorenzen (Olin, Iowa, United States)

Great customer service and great fit. Extremely well made!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lily
Lynne Babin (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Good for Dachshunds who love to walk long distances in all weather conditions.

Finally a solution to harnesses for small dogs! Everything else I tried left very bad chafe marks behind front legs and the buckle was always in the line of movement. Other harnesses also slip to one side under the chest and again, bind between the leg and chest making regular long walks impossible.

*LIMITED* BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness
Anna Jones (King, North Carolina, United States)
Perfect fit and great customer service!

This is our 3rd harness ordered from brilliant k9 and we have been so happy with them! They are durable and fit our dogs perfectly. After filling out the form online, they came back with their recommended size/type of harness and turns out it was the perfect fit! I asked for additional modifications to the patches and they were done beautifully! The customer service is superb.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Zeke
Camille Fowler (Nashville, Tennessee, United States)
My corgis are very comfortable in their “Zekes”

I’ve now purchased 2 of the “Zeke” style harnesses for my corgis. They are very ergonomically correct for our low riders. We do nosework in them and go for hikes!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Callie
Jane A. (Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States)
So great, I ordered more!

Love the ease of putting these harnesses on our two Jack Russell Terriers. No more adjusting of several buckles for the fit. These fit perfectly and securely because of the instructions on measuring and sending photos. One buckle and voilá! They’re on and we’re ready to go. Love them so much, I ordered a second set!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Large
Courtney Shoemaker (Columbus, Ohio, United States)
Best Harness out there!

We absolutely love this harness it is so nice because it doesn’t wrap around his legs! So easy to put on as soon as he gets any resistance he stops pulling!!! They truly fit correctly because it’s based on the dogs measurements! It’s not a one size fits all like most in the pet stores! The quality is phenomenal!!! Highly recommend

Thank You very much for the fun TikTok review.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Small
Louise Preston (Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States)

The beautiful harness has really helped with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s neck problems. It lies beyond his shoulders so doesn’t interfere with his neck.