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Welcome to the official site of the Brilliant K9 Ergonomic Dog Harness! Please feel free to email us at with any fitting/sizing questions or if you have any other questions regarding our products. The fit of the harness is vital for the harness to work correctly and ensure the comfort of your dog.  All materials used are safe and effective for your dog.

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PROUDLY DESIGNED AND MADE IN THE USA by a team dedicated to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service.

BRILLIANTK9 IS THE HARNESS OF CHOICE for Multiple World Team USA Agility Teams Used by The Top Professionals and Handlers in Agility, Canicross, Dock Diving, Disc Dog, Flyball, Lure Coursing, Nose Work, Parkour, Terrier Racing, UpDog Challenge.  It is easy on, easy off, its ergonomic design reduces pulling without the causing pain or discomfort to the dog.  The BrilliantK9 allows the dog to walk and move in their natural gait.  We choose materials that will move with your dog, and not cause your dog to overheat. And most of all it is made in the USA of top quality materials that last.    That's why we can stand behind our product, and we offer repair service should you accidentally shut the buckle in the car door or your dog chews it (personal experience).  We recommend you machine wash and hang dry the harness monthly.  

We build harnesses that do more than just look great.




As lifelong dog enthusiasts who have owned and trained rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes we found a need for an effective better designed, higher quality product that promotes the health and safety of the dog, whether they are top performance dogs or just your best friend lying on the couch beside you. Dissatisfied with existing dog walking tools, we consulted veterinarians, veterinary chiropractors, canine massage therapists, rehabilitation specialists, professional dog trainers, and our friends in the dog community as to what would be a more effective and ergonomic dog walking tool.
Based on our fact finding, we set out to design a harness that was ergonomically superior to anything on the market and that would not encourage the dog’s natural opposition reflex to drive their head down and pull. It also was designed to allow the dog to run, sit, swim, play and compete in sporting events with comfort and without restraint of natural movement.


This harness does not work like traditional Schutzhund style harnesses that encourage pulling and are used for agitation work. Traditional harnesses and collars of all types put pressure on the dog’s head, neck and ribcage. In so doing they promote pulling and straining against the device as a natural opposition response to restraint.  For a dog to pull effectively they need to leverage their core strength against the collar or harness.  Front clip harnesses cause the dog to twist sideways, pinching the dogs shoulder into the ribcage and against the other shoulder.  Eventually the dog will begin walking sideways and or backing out of the harness.  Ask yourself if you would wear that? Think about how you feel if your shoes are too tight, uncomfortable, or rubbing.  How can your dog relax and be comfortable with you, if it has heavy, tight, uncomfortable straps around its body?

Collar Pulling  

The BrilliantK9 girth strap is behind the ribcage, with the leash attachment is mid back (behind the core strength).  In other words it's hard to pull if there is nothing to pull against.  The dog is able to walk with 60% of their weight on the front end as is natural.  Their spine is in alignment, and they are able to flex at their natural pivot point.  The harness is easy on and easy off, it fits like a comfy t-shirt.  The harness is light weight, cheap copies can weight up to 100% more than a BrilliantK9.  We have 20 sizes because imagine a shoe store only carrying 4 or 5 sizes, crazy, right?  Think about all the breeds and combinations of breeds a harness has to fit.  

Many trainers have found the BrilliantK9 Harness to be an excellent tool for training loose leash walking as it does not engage opposition response.  Sport dog enthusiasts love the BrilliantK9 because they can allow the dog to walk ahead of them and still prevent pulling with a bump up.  

Additionally, the neck region of the dog has several sensitive structures such as the larynx (voice box), esophagus (food tube), trachea (windpipe), blood vessels, nerves, thyroid gland and lymph nodes.  The BrilliantK9 harness does not put pressure on the dogs sensitive neck.  

Pressure is also transferred to the cervical spine with more traditional walking tools. Putting pressure on these structures if your dog has a condition such as laryngeal paralysis, collapsing trachea, cervical disk disease, brachycephalic airway disease etc. is not recommended. The Brilliant K9 Ergonomic Dog Harness is an excellent choice for dogs with any of these medical conditions.




The harness also has safety features such as high reflective trim, quick grab handle and the ability to attach a seat belt adaptor for safer car transportation. It comes in many colors and pattern designs and can also be custom made for special circumstances.
Our companion animal’s health is as important as our own and our mission is to provide you with the most ergonomic, comfortable, effective and safe product on the market. We are also proud that our product is made in the USA.

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