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3. Let us craft your dogs perfect harness and take the guess work out for you.

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BrilliantK9 delivers only the finest in American design and craftsmanship! Our Ergonomic harness is Modern Dogwear that truly makes a difference in both unparalleled performance and bold distinctive style.

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Colors and prints galore!

We have an amazing selection of colors and prints to choose from. Make your harness as unique as they are!

A harness that does more than just look great!

Easy On Easy Off and fits like a comfy T-shirt

The BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness is designed to keep pressure off the neck, and allows freedom of front-end movement, while limiting the dog's effectiveness at pulling. Because of it's innovative one hand buckle, it is also extremely easy to put on and off even for people with impaired motor control. Standard side release buckle is also available as an option.

25 fully adjustable sizes for a perfect fit!

From teacup to giant - we ensure each dog gets the perfect fit. Other harnesses are offered in limited sizes, and no matter how adjustable, they do not fit the range of size from the smallest to the largest. Poor sizing leaves dogs uncomfortable, causing rub spots or dogs back out. Have a dog that's difficult to find something that fits, and works?

Allows the dog to walk and move in their natural gait.

Traditional harnesses and collars put pressure on the dog's head, neck and rib-cage and promote pulling and straining against the device as a natural opposition response to restraint. The BrilliantK9 girth strap is behind the rib-cage, with the leash attachment is mid back (behind the core strength), making it hard to pull if there is nothing to pull against. Their spine is in alignment, and they are able to flex at their natural pivot point.

Long lasting and durable materials are selected for our hand crafted harnesses!

BrilliantK9 harnesses durable design and lasting quality will remain your dogs treasured walking tool for many years. BrilliantK9 delivers only the finest in Contemporary American design and craftsmanship!

We don't use foam, felt, or neoprene since all cause heat build up and rot from the inside

The harness can also be used to cool dogs on a hot day, get it wet and let your dog wear it or you can let them jump in a lake, river, ocean or even a mud puddle

It is easy to maintain, throw it in the washer, and hang dry

Steel D Ring

Staysoft UV Resistant Webbing

High Visibility Reflective Trim

Highest Quality Fabrics that don't fade or stretch

We even repair them, because we believe quality is worth it

Don't just take our word for it!

Vet approved!

I am a veterinarian doing certified chiropractics on animals since 2007.  I am always looking at different products to benefit my patients.   The BrilliantK9 harness has been one of my favorites— so much so that I use it on my own dogs.  It is perfectly balanced, easy to use, and puts very little pressure on the neck.   Many of my patients use this harness already and I will continue to recommend them.

— Jim Carlson, DVM, CVA, CVSMT - Lifetime Pet Wellness Center

So easy to use!

There are so many things I love about my BrilliantK9 Harnesses... The quick release buckles make my routine easy and worry free, so I'm confident every time I walk to the start line...

— Jenn Crank -IncrediPAWS Dog Agility

Amazing product!

When my dogs need to be on a leash I always reach for my BrilliantK9's.  I find it fantastic for a multitude of uses, allowing the dog to move comfortably whether they're running and playing, hiking, a Service Dog working with their handler, or walking to the agility ring.  The BrilliantK9 is Pogo approved and we can't recommend them enough!

— Lindsey Hinds

Super stylish!

We are more than happy with our harness. It's so quick and easy to put on and off and has helped tremendously during walks, as well as it is so stylish, that we get compliments everywhere we go! Thank you for making such a product for our dog. That means so much to us!

— Shay Hunt

Great for walks!

This harness has changed my relationship with my beloved (but big time puller) Aussie. Our walks went from frustration and a battle of wills to pure pleasure. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

— Shannon Watson

So versatile!

I absolutely love my BrilliantK9 harness for all of my dogs! I use these harnesses for everything from my dog walks, a variety of dog sports and swimming/paddle boarding. I love how comfortable they seem for my dogs and how easy they are to get on and off!

— Victoria Kander, KPA-CTP, CNWI, CTDI - NoCo Unleashed


Still Not Sure?

BrilliantK9 is so sure that you and your dog will love our Ergonomic Harness, that we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days, in restock condition. This isn’t your typical money back guarantee, because we care enough about  your dog to ask a few questions to ensure your dog gets the perfect fit.  
If you want to return your product within 30 days we will take it back. The following are acceptable reasons for a return:
- You don't like the color/print

- You are not sure it fits, let us know, we will exchange it for the right size

- You don't like the quality of the product for any reason

- You or your dog don't like it

- Your cat chews it... Sorry, that one is not going to fly.

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