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BrilliantK9 Custom Fabric Harness, Backpack Etc

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Because we can, and we love to show off how special our dogs are :)

We make our BrilliantK9 harnesses, backpacks, etc. from custom prints/fabric.  If you have questions don't worry, be happy, we are here to help with the selection of fabric and harness size.  Our products are made in Lucas, Ohio so you'll get your harness while you still remember ordering it.

I hate instructions too - but reading the below will help you to get the perfect harness for you dog.

1. If you already have a fabric - We recommend the fabric be a Cordura, or Pack Cloth or Canvas (Not Cotton).  We can make a harness from an old uniform or other type of durable fabric.  

If you don't have the fabric see 3 below.

2. A small print will be best as only a small amount of the fabric will actually show on the harness. The 4 green prints give the best example of size that will work best. The Dragon print will be more of a challenge.  In the second picture I put a picture of a finished Lucy Petite over the Dragon print so you can see how it would look.  In the 3rd picture I put a picture of a size Dixie and a Lucy Petite over the fabric.

 3. You can also purchase a printed fabric on;

A. once you decide on which print is your favorite (good luck on that I get lost for hours - to help choose the right print for your dog use the rulers when you are looking at the prints, harness dimensions at the bottom of this) select the Fabric Type as Recycled Canvas (Recycled Canvas is under the Woven Section in the Choose Fabric dropdown).  In the Choose amount section select from the options. the amount needed for harness sizes is at the bottom of this description,

If you want us to purchase the fabric from Spoonflower click here


B. Camo Fabric Depot select Shop Camo Fabric then Hunting & Outdoor Fabric choose a minimum of a 500D Nylon or 600D Poly.  The minimum you can order is 1 yard.    

4. Have the fabric shipped to Attn: Teri Jaymes BrilliantK9 3524 Sylvan Drive, Lucas, OH 44843.  Please put an order note with the BrilliantK9 order number on the Spoonflower or Camo Fabric Depot or other vendor order # so we know who it’s for when the fabric comes in to the shop.   In the BrilliantK9 Order note please state the name of the fabric and designer you chose.  We will ship the remainder of the fabric back to you along with the harness/backpack/toys etc.

5. 1st you'll need to select the harness size for your dog, if you are not sure please contact us and we are happy to help. Or check your dogs size using the Sizing Calculator click here

A. In the drop down select the harness size and/or other products you want made from the custom fabric.

B. In the drop down on the buckle type select the buckle style you want.

Standard Buckle or Speed Buckle (Speed Buckle - MAGNET WARNING - The strong magnetic fields near a neodymium magnet can affect pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.  Many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates it with a magnetic field.  Therefore, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently deactivating such devices)

C. Put the Harness, Backpack, Treat Bag Pouch, Poo Bag Holder, etc. in the cart.

D. In the Order Notes please put that it is for a custom fabric and where the fabric is coming from.  If there are special instructions such as you want the stripes vertical or etc, make sure they are in the order notes.  I seriously can't stress this enough we can't read minds, so be very clear on what you want.

6.  We will let you know when we receive the fabric.

7. There are no returns or refunds on this Item.

You can email me at and she will make it easy and ensure everything is done right.  Because she keeps us in line.

Harness cut dimensions - please remember the measurements are given in a rectangle however we cut within those dimensions for the actual shape.  So for example the Teacup measurement below is 6 inches from head to tail and the 8 inches is from shoulder to shoulder.  Each pattern is slightly different within that rectangle.

Teacup - Toy - Lucy Toy (6 in x 8 in) - A Test swatch of 8 in x 8 in will work for this size.

Oliver - (7 in x 10 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in

Petite - Lucy Petite - Callie (7 in x 11 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in

Stripper - Small - Lucy Small (7 in x 13 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in

Tweener - Garmin - Medium - Ares (8 in x 16 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in 

Lucy Medium (9 in x 16 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in

Large (10 in x 17 in) - A quarter yard will work for this size 21 in x 18 in

Lucy Large - Dixie (11 in x 18 in) - I recommend a yard for this size

XLarge (11 in x 19 in)  - I recommend a yard for this size.

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BrilliantK9 Custom Fabric Harness, Backpack Etc

BrilliantK9 Custom Fabric Harness, Backpack Etc


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