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The AKC (American Kennel Club) currently recognizes 189 breeds of dogs, that does not include the number of non recognized breeds or mix breeds. We have dog harnesses for sale in 20 sizes to ensure each dog gets the perfect fit. From small to large dog vests, we have it all! Other dog harness vests are only offered in 5 or 6 sizes. No matter how adjustable they are, they do not fit the range of sizes from the smallest to the largest dogs. It leaves dogs uncomfortable, they cause rub spots, dogs backing out. 

We offer large and small dog vests, and everything in between! If you are not sure of the correct size refer to our How to Measure/Fit section or contact us at Whether you're looking for a dog harness vest for a small dog or a large dog, we can be of assistance. We'd love to help you get a dog harness vest that fits perfectly :)

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