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Medium Dogs (20 to 50 lbs)

Medium-sized dog harnesses for medium dogs (20 to 50 lbs). In addition to our medium harness, we have a number of leashes, toys, and treats for mid-sized dogs. 

How to Measure your dog

#1 Front Measurement = From the chest bone just below the throat to even with Mid Back.

#2 Girth Measurement = Circumference of the waist at Mid Back.

Measuring Tip - Use your dog's leash to measure and compare it to a measuring tape. Your dog will be more comfortable with something that he's used to. Use our harness measuring and fitting guide if you need help taking measurements.

If you want help with selecting your harness size, contact us here.

Lucy Fit - For the medium and narrow chested dogs. 

Regular Fit - For Bulldog type bodies.

Low Riders (Long and Low) - See the Low Rider Collection