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New Speed Clip for Little Dogs

We've been looking for some time for buckle options for our harnesses for people with limited dexterity.  Our criteria was that it must be able to be used one handed, be strong, not unbuckle accidentally and be low profile.  We found a wonderful option for the Size Petite to Large Dogs our new speed buckle met all the criteria.  We put them on our dogs and gave them to some our awesome agility friends.  They travel with their dogs a lot and are constantly taking the harness off and putting back on through the course of a day.  Everyone reported back they'd had no issues and they loved them.  On our 3 dogs, Lola in a size Regular Medium, Jackie Chan in a size Regular Small, Jet Li in a size Lucy Petite, wear the sizes that take the Speed Buckle and we love the buckles.  Jeanne has MS and has limited dexterity, she runs Lola in Agility and uses a wheelchair part time.  Jeanne now won't use a harness if it doesn't have a speed buckle on it.

However I felt like we were leaving out our most important group, the Little Dogs.  Bruce Lee our co-founder and VP of HR is all of 7lbs, he's why I feel strongly that little dogs need an easy clip even more so than the big dogs. Those of you that have little dogs know full well that putting a little dog harness on, and then snapping a leash to it is like trying to pick up wet bb's on a marble counter top. Patience!  So the whole time we are jerking the little dog around as we try to get them ready to go for a walk.  Ever wonder why some might learn to run from a leash?  We had the same criteria for the little dogs as the big dogs with one big exception "Weight".  On our Teacup to Oliver sizes we try to make sure that we make them as light and soft as possible yet still be strong.  I can only say that the stars aligned to make this happen. So now we have a (can I say Brilliant) option for buckles on our little dog harnesses.

Thank you Ivette White and Roxie for giving this a thorough test and the great video below.



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