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New Fun Dog Toys

fancy new dog toy

We've been having way too much fun in the shop. You'll see an assortment of new dog training toys.  

Super Tugs, I call them that because we offer them with different handle lengths.  I like the longer handles with my dogs because it helps reduce neck strain to the dog and less strain on my shoulder.  When the dog rips and tears back and forth, I let the length do the work for me and just don't pull against the tug.  It's easier on both of us.  If you have little dogs it's great because you don't have to get down on your knees to play tug and your dogs head it not being pulled up.

Bait/Tug Bags, I found this crazy fun fabric to make tugs out of, again they can have the handle length you like. These dog training toys are great for hanging by the ringside for quick access when you come out.

I love giving my dogs stuffed toys to play with and play fetch with, however I hate cleaning up the stuffing that is strewn all over after Jackie Chan guts the toy and then de-squeaks it.  And lets face it, if they promise the dog can't destroy it, either dogs won't play with it or when they finally do deconstruct it the mess is even worse.  We offer fun dog toys with or without the squeaker, and the stuffing is the acrylic liner we use in the harnesses cut up so it's easy to vacuum. We are using the left over fabric between the cutting of the harnesses so now dogs can play with their favorite prints.

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