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BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Petite
Liza Guyer (Framingham, Massachusetts, United States)
Perfect for our cavalier with syringemyelia

I am so grateful that this harness exists. It puts no pressure on the pain points for our beloved Dahlia, a 10 pound Cavalier. I am especially grateful to Teri for proactively reaching out when I was obviously confused about which size to get. Teri made sure that we got the harness that best fits her and her needs.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Colleen Faini (King George, Virginia, United States)
Beautiful Work

I was looking for a lightweight, breathable service vest for my SDIT. We live in VA and the summers are horrendously hot and humid. The Brilliant K9 vest fits the bill.
The embroidered patch with Wolfie's name was done beautifully.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Small
D.E. (Powell, Ohio, United States)
Great company!

My dog has some special needs, and BrilliantK9 did any amazing job of making him a custom harness that fits him perfectly. We love the quiet speed buckle, and the fit is just right and comfortable. They went above and beyond!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Small
Jill M. (Houston, Texas, United States)
Fast response and Great quality!

They are quick to respond and were very helpful. Inquired about sizing for my dog with multiple companies and Brilliant K9 were the only ones to respond!

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
anon (Warsaw, Missouri, United States)
Wonderful fit, happy dog

The BrilliantK9 harness is wonderful to start with and the custom patches are amazing. Such high quality, fast delivery.
We love BrilliantK9!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Garminn
Janis Teichman (El Dorado Hills, California, United States)
Just purchased number 2

Needed a smaller version for a second dog. Received my order quickly and just what the doctor ordered. Beautiful!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Zeke
michelle hirschy (Bend, Oregon, United States)
Dixie size harness- GREAT!

I’ve been looking for a harness that does not rub underneath my dogs armpits while still providing great control. He is comfy & I appreciate the quality. Highly recommend!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lily
Jannell DiMaggio (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
Great Harness

A friend recommended BrilliantK9 b/c we both have miniature dauchsunds. Teri is great at responding to questions & helping guide to get the perfect size for our pup. Our pup always managed to pull her small legs out of her old harness & it didn’t fit her long body adequately. This Low Rider Lilly harness fits her perfect but she’s a clever girl & still managed to get her front leg out while in my back seat of my car. I’ll have to adjust the tightness to see if I can eliminate this from happening again. Regardless, I’m happy with the harness. Plus, it came with 2 patches to place on either side with her name. Everyone who sees her in her new harness smiles. The packaging was so cute too with the dog prints & shows it was packaged with love. Plus, it’s a USA company which makes it 100% better in my book!

So glad you like the harness, the unfortunate reality is the shorter the front legs the more likely they will slip a leg through. Tightening the harness does not help and will make the dog uncomfortable. I have a little Chihuahua Pup that is short legged and does that to me. I've learned that when I'm holding him to check his front legs before I put him down. It is a frustrating thing with the littles, if I move the front chest up, then when they are walking the chest will ride up into their throat. It's a balancing act between keeping their shoulders free to move and staying out of their throat when walking to those little front legs working their way out when you hold them or in a car seat. I'm still working on it.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Lucy Toy
Gigi Zheng (Fort Myers, Florida, United States)
Best harnesses

My dog Chewie has been wearing Lucy Toy for over 10 years, and it is the best fitting harness on the market. All the harnesses are very well made, go through washing and drying fabulously.

BrilliantK9 Custom Fabric Harness, Backpack Etc
amanda muller (Brooklyn, New York, United States)

I am low key obsessed with my new harness. The customer service was so helpful in choosing the fabric and sizing.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Snugg
Nancy Lucht (Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, United States)
Snugg Dog Harness for my deaf Cardigan Corgi

This is a wonderful harness. The embroidery is so well done and the harness itself is made beautifully. It fits perfectly and Finn wears it as if he can’t feel he has it on. The turnaround time was very quick. The communication was great. I am so happy with this purchase that in the future I will be ordering one for my other dogs. Thank you so much Teri Jaymes and all who help with the merchandise that you produce.

*LIMITED* BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness
Margo Harding (San Antonio, Texas, United States)

The BrilliantK9 harness and leash is fabulous. I plan to order one for my sheltie as well.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Sandra Tokash (Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States)
2nd time buyer

We love our Brilliant K9 Harnesses. Most harnesses on the market don't have enough size options to really fit a standard poodle. Brilliant K9 has the most versatile sizing options and I truly appreciate ability to send in measurements and pictures to get to get sizing assistance. We added another poodle and I knew exactly where to go for his harness.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Small
Nancy Ficco (Columbus, Ohio, United States)
Best harness EVER!

Great harnesses. Sturdy, great material and clever patterns....and cute velco tags to place pet's name and telephone number on the sides of the harness. My Pomeranian is 6 years old and just got his second harness. You can even call their office and talk to the person that actually sews the harness. Great customer service!

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Medium
Mary Follin (Thurmont, Maryland, United States)
Absolutely the best harness!

I love the quality of the harness and the fit is perfect!

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Small
Meg Hoffmann (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States)
Love these harnesses!

Just what I was looking for to use in FastCat. The magnet clips are easy and quick to use. Fit is great and it the dogs look wonderful in them.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Ares
Ernest Perkins (St Louis, Missouri, United States)
Great Harness

This is my second harness from Brilliant K9
And as always high quality easy on and easy off. Would recommend this for any dog owner, working dog, competition or just for walking your dogs.
Thank you

BrilliantK9 Service Dog Harness Size XLarge
Anonymous (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)

The harness is just as I had hoped. My service dog is comfortable in it, and the quick release is great. I would definitely recommend these products!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Little Dog Harness - Summer Mesh
Gladys Pedigo (Hayward, California, United States)
Very pleased.

Good prompt service. Impressive.

Custom Paracord Leashes
Margo Harding (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
Great harness

I love my harness from Brilliantk9! It was made exactly to my dog’s measurements and it appears to be very comfortable.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie
Monique O'Toole (Wood Dale, Illinois, United States)

Great customer service! This is my third harness I’ve bought here. Very well made and sturdy for my 85 pound dog!!

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Darcy
Gigi Zheng (Fort Myers, Florida, United States)
Best harness on the market

My dogs have been wearing Brilliant K9 for at least 10 years now; love the quality, durability and styles of the harnesses. The Darcy is for one of my dogs when his wears his hair long and thick.

BrilliantK9 Custom Embroidered Harness Patch - Small
Jannell DiMaggio (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
Special Touch

BrilliantK9’s embroidered harness patch was a perfect addition to my pups harness. The patch quality is top notch. Everyone who sees my baby walk by smiles & comments on her cute name on her harness patches. It’s an extra special touch.

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness XLG
david Fischer (Marysville, Ohio, United States)

Our 3rd harness they are great

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Garminn
Bernard Dee (Milton, Vermont, United States)
Great Product

We recently purchased our BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness for our 11 year old English Cocker Spaniel. Best harness we've ever had. Perfect fit, easy on/off, plus our guy looks great in it.