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Tips to a Healthier Weight for You and Your Dog

Most people today are discovering the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. It’s very likely that on January 1 of this year, you made some health-related resolution. There are lots of health goals to choose from, but one of the most popular is achieving a healthy weight. Being overweight is linked to numerous health problems and increases your risk for developing heart disease, hypertension, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Excessive weight can lead to some serious health issues. But did you ever think about how this might related to your dog, too? Turns out that most dogs in the US are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s report. This is why it just makes sense for you and your dog to work together to achieve healthier weights.

Mastering Canine & Human Healthier Weight Goals

Create a Plan

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This saying is true for many areas of your life, including weight loss. Make sure you have a plan for yourself and for your furry family member to help you reach your goal weights. Of course, you want to make sure the plan is practical and achievable. You nor your dog will go from couch potato to marathon running in a week.

Set Small Goals

Setting and achieving small goals will be a huge part of a successful plan. You’ll have an ultimate goal, and you will want to keep this in mind, but it can often feel like it’s too far away and that can stifle your motivation. Setting smaller goals will help encourage you to keep going and it’ll be easier to stay motivated.

Pro Tip: Your goals don’t have to just be a number on the scale, even though that is ultimately your goal. Your short -erm goals may be to increase exercise time, improve nutrition intake, hydration goals, measurement goals, and many others.

Don’t Forget Nutrition

When you start planning for weight loss, what’s the first thing you think about? Don’t count the stuffed crust pizza you’ve been craving! Why isn’t that on any diet plans? You probably think about consuming fruits, veggies, and whole foods. These are the go-to for eating plans. Why not? They are lower in calories and offer the body the nutrients it needs. With proper nutrition, the body performs better and weight loss comes with it.

This is not different for your dog. Just like you, they need to get the best possible nutrition if you want them to lose weight. Remember that there isn’t a single dog food brand that offers a total package when it comes to nutrition. This is the reasons why more veterinarians are suggesting that dog parents should use a rotational diet for their dogs. There are many factors that come into play such as your dog’s breed, activity levels, and age. Talk to your vet to learn more about your dog’s dietary needs so you can provide them with optimal nutrition.

Take Longer, More Fun Walks

It may seem like a no-brainer to say taking longer walks can help you and your pet with weight loss. However, if you take the same boring route every time, you and your pup may lose motivation and resolve. This is why it’s important to keep your walks fun. There are a few ways to do this, including:

  • Find new paths, new parks, and new places you haven’t taken before.
  • Create a good playlist – they even have speakers that go on your dog!
  • Make a game out of it.
  • Use a quality leash and BrilliantK9 harness to keep your dog safe on walks.

Try HIIT Workouts with Your Dogs

HIIT workouts are popular today because of the way it causes the body to burn calories, even for hours after you’ve finished your workout. Since dogs are not welcomed in most gyms, most people think they can’t do HIIT with them. However, the truth is that it’s easily incorporated into your daily walks. The goal is to change up your pace. Every few minutes change from low intensity walking to higher intensity walking. If your dog is able (and likes it) you may even try running together.

Take Selfies

You probably already take selfies with your dog, it is the norm in today’s social media focused society. It may sound a bit vain, but it can actually be motivating. Take some before and after photos of you and your furry friend. Taking more pictures over time lets you watch and enjoy your progress. Think about doing follow up pictures in intervals whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or some other interval.


At BrilliantK9, we encourage you to focus on your own health and that of your dog. It’s important that you work with your doctor and your dog’s vet to help create the best weight loss and exercise plan for you both.


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