Custom Embroidered Harness, Backpack Etc.

Custom Embroidered Harness, Backpack Etc.

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Read Carefully - Yes - we do custom embroider our harnesses, backpacks, bed covers, etc.

1. If you already have a fabric - We recommend the fabric be a Cordura, or Pack Cloth or Canvas (Not Cotton).  If you don't have the fabric see 3 below.

2. A logo that will show up well small is best.  The size available for harnesses is noted below.


4. 1st you'll need to select the harness size for your dog, if you are not sure please contact us and we are happy to help. Or check your dogs size using the Sizing Calculator click here

A. In the drop down select the harness size and/or other products you want embroidered.

B. In the drop down on the buckle type select the buckle style you want.

Standard Buckle or Speed Buckle (Speed Buckle - MAGNET WARNING - The strong magnetic fields near a neodymium magnet can affect pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.  Many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates it with a magnetic field.  Therefore, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently deactivating such devices)

C. Put the Harness, Backpack, Treat Bag Pouch, Poo Bag Holder, etc. in the cart.

D. In the Order Notes please put that it is for a custom fabric and where the fabric is coming from.  If there are special instructions such as you want the stripes vertical or etc, make sure they are in the order notes.  I seriously can't stress this enough we can't read minds, so be very clear on what you want.

5.  When we receive the fabric Aisha will let you know we receive it.

6. There are no returns or refunds on this Item.

You can email Aisha at and she will make it easy and ensure everything is done right.  Because she keeps us in line.