Extra-Large Breed Dog Harness | XL Padded Dog Harness

BrilliantK9 Harness King

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Uncomplicated easy design for walking your big dog or assisting them into the car or up the steps.


  • 21 available sizes, each with adjustable chest and belly straps, ensuring the perfect fit -
  • Reduced pulling keeps both dogs and handlers comfortable and safe
  • Lightweight and manufactured in the the USA for durability, long-lasting performance
  • Uncomplicated design allows harnesses to be easily put on and removed
  • Reflective trim and quick grab handle offer added safety
  • Dogs will look stylish in one of 31 colors and patterns
  • Easily add your dog`s name to this extra-large breed dog harness with our customizable name patches

Please remember that our extra-large breed dog harness is designed to fit further back and looser on the dog. If the padded dog harness is too far forward or tight it will not work properly and it will cause the dog to be uncomfortable. If you are at the end of a size range then go up to the next size. If you are not sure what size to buy you can always email us at info@brilliantk9.com send a picture of your dog from the side with height, weight and age, and we will be happy to help you out. Or you can check out the helpful videos below.

Watch this video first for an overall demo of the harness

Enjoy walking your dog in the BrilliantK9 Harness

Setting the harness up to fit your dog

Fitting the harness to your dog


Special order only, please.

Email us at info@brilliantk9.com with front and girth measurements

Additional Information

BrilliantK9 harnesses are a unique and innovative alternative to traditional dog collars and harnesses. Their ergonomic construction reduces strain on the dog`s neck, shoulders, hips and knees, while allowing easy and comfortable movement.

Have a dog that pulls? Unlike traditional leashes, this extra-large padded dog harness doesn't engage a dog`s natural opposition reflex, thus pulling is minimized. The belly strap sits behind the rib cage, preventing the dog from dropping its chest to lean in and pull.

What's in the Box

1 Extra-Large Breed Dog Harness

2 removable BrilliantK9 embroidered patches

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