BrilliantK9 Dixie Harness | No-Pull Harness for Large Dogs

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Dixie

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This no-pull harness for large dogs is the perfect addition to our line. Thank to you Dixie for showing off the perfect fit and to Angela Sutton for the great picture. It's between our medium and large size and it's great for long bodied breeds, making this a great dog harness for labs, goldens, aussies, large BC's etc.

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Dixie - #1 Front 12"-15" - #2 - Girth: 23"-31" - Approximate Weight Range 30lbs to 55lbs - Breed Type: Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Belgian Malinois, Dalmation, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Standard Poodle

New Speed Buckle Option great for people with arthritis, Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs.  

MAGNET WARNING - The strong magnetic fields near a neodymium magnet can affect pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.  Many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates it with a magnetic field.  Therefore, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently deactivating such devices

What's in the Box

1 No-Pull Harness for Large Dogs

2 removable BrilliantK9 embroidered patches

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