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September Newsletter

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Canine First Aid Basics

Recognizing pain in your dog

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

Created by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) to focus on pain prevention, management and treatment in animals.

Just like in humans, pain is an indication there is something wrong. But unlike most humans, dogs will often conceal their pain and discomfort until it becomes severe.

Potential Signs Your Dog is in Pain

  • ~  Growling

  • ~  Whimpering

  • ~  Howling

  • ~  Biting and Snapping

  • ~  Guarding Behavior

    Decreased Social Interaction & Activity

  • ~  Becominganxious,depressedorwithdrawn

  • ~  Negative reactions to being touched,

    picked up or held

  • ~  Submissive Behavior

  • ~  Refusal to Move

  • ~  Aggressive Behavior

  • ~  Decreased Appetite

    If you begin to recognize any of these signs of potential pain or injury in your dog, seek prompt veterinarian help before permanent and irreversible damage is done.

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