Covid-19 Cooties


I apologize for our mess, the site is under construction for some sorely needed updates.  Please bear with me, as we work through the updates to pictures, sizes and button controls.


As with all things Covid, we are limited with staff.  I've set Marilyn up to work from home.  There are only 3 of us in the shop, so we are down to 3 people.  Please make sure any questions, comments or things I should know are in the "Special instructions for seller".

Covid Prevention

Since we live in the middle of nowhere we naturally socially distance.  Visitors are rare and we do have a mask policy.  I require that everyone who works in the shop be fully vaccinated and/or have had their booster shots.

My responses to emails and texts are delayed and slow, as I have one hour a day to respond to emails etc.

Please use the contact us form on the bottom right of the homepage.


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