Covid-19 Cooties Covid-19 Cooties

Covid-19 Cooties

Posted by Teri Jaymes on

I've set Marilyn up to work from home, she has quarantined herself at home.  I'm in the shop and am not going out unless necessary.  I'm the only one in the shop, so we are down to two people.  But it is the only way I can ensure we are not shipping cooties to you our customer.  My responses may be delayed or slow, as I have one hour a day to respond to emails etc.  I've set up and automated response to questions, its a little cartoon bubble of 6 dogs on the lower left of the website.  

If you are looking for your order status you'll need the email you used to place the order and the order number.  If I have any questions, you'll find the there.  You can text me at (234) 301-0075.