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7 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring

Spring is in the air, trees are budding, and the weather is gradually warming up. Sunsets will move later into the evening allowing you more time to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. You may already be formulating an attack plan for spring cleaning, and getting things organized after winter. It’s just as important to get your dog ready for spring. Here are seven things you an do to prepare your dog for spring.

Dog Parent’s Spring Checklist

After a long, cold winter, most people and pets are eager to get back outdoors where they can enjoy the warmer weather. Here are a few things you can do to make the transition from winter to spring easier on you and your dog.

Get Started Brushing

The start of spring is often when most dog breeds begin shedding. They start getting rid of their thick winter coats, so they’ll be ready for the summer months. The best way to manage this is by brushing them regularly. There are different types of coat brushes that are designed specifically for shedding. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation if your dog tends to shed a lot. After you’ve brushed them well, you may want to go ahead and bathe them, clean their ears, and trim their nails if it has been a while.

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Treatment

If you don’t use medicines to treat fleas, ticks, or heartworms year-round, you’ll want to start treatment back up in the spring. The weather will be getting warmer, which means you and your pup will be spending more time outdoors. It’s also the time of year that these pests come back out. It is much easier to prevent them than it is to get rid of them later. Prevention is key. At BrilliantK9, we suggest talking to your vet to learn which medications are the right ones to use for your dog.

Get a Vet Checkup

Your dog needs to visit the vet at least once per year for a checkup. Spring is a great time to get this done. It’s a great time to ensure their vaccinations are up to date. You may be able to get their yearly checkup at the same time. You can gain some understanding about where their health is and what you need to do to make sure they stay healthy during the warmer months. Talk to your vet about scheduling other procedures such as teeth cleaning all in one appointment.

Inspect Your Yard

Get outside before your pup so you can check your yard for hazards. Inspect your fencing to make sure there are no holes or weak places that might allow your dog to escape. Make sure there are no holes or dangerous items that could hurt your dog while they are playing outside.

Spring Clean Your Dog’s Stuff Too

Spring cleaning is common no matter where you live. While you are spring cleaning your house, make sure to include your dog’s stuff too. It’s a good time to wash their bedding to get rid of dander, fur, and bacteria. Use a mild soap to wash all their toys. Clean and sanitize your pups’ food and water dishes and their eating mat if they have one. This is a great time to check your dog’s harness and leash. Clean them according to the instructions that came with them. If your dog has outgrown their harness, or if it is worn out, it’s time to order a new custom harness from BrilliantK9.

Update Documents

Most localities require your dog’s tags be kept up to date. If your dog is microchipped, make sure all their information is updated. Take a quick look at your dog’s documentation to make sure everything is updated. Make sure important information like tags, vaccines, microchip, and licenses are up to date.

Ease into Exercise

Spring just makes you want to get back outdoors with your dogs. You’ve been couped up all winter and you may be ready to go out for a hike or job with your canine friend. But if your dog hasn’t been out most of the winter, you will want to go a little slower, especially if you are both out of shape. It can also be a bit overwhelming to head back out to crowded spaces is you’ve been mostly indoors all winter.

Take it slow with your dog at first. Keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion or distress. One way to ease your dog back into lots of outdoor play as the weather gets friendlier is to book them a day at a doggie daycare. That allows him to get a lot of exercise as well as socialize with other dogs.


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