Slide On Double Thick Collar Tag Stainless Steel

Slide On Double Thick Collar Tag Stainless Steel

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Made of Non-magnetic Stainless Steel and bent to fit double thick nylon and leather
collars 5/8, 3/4 or 1" wide & 3/16" thick. Our design allows use on virtually all double thick collars, even those with eyelets in the buckle holes. If your dog is very active and wears a one inch wide double thick nylon collar or a leather collar, this is the tag to buy.



Note on size selection:
The size CollarTag you need is based on the width of the collar your pet wears. No other factor affects CollarTag size selection. If you measure the collar width, and then select the option below that reflects that measurement, you will get a CollarTag that fits your pet's collar every time. We do not have a CollarTag size designed for 1/2" wide leather, the 5/8" wide size will be usable, but the tag will have a slot in it 1/8" wider than the collar.

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