Custom Dog Collar Tag | Single-Thick Stainless Steel Pet I.D. Tag

Slide On Collar Tag Stainless Steel

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Slide-on CollarTag™ in Stainless Steel. This custom dog collar tag slides onto single thickness nylon collars with belt buckles. Our stainless steel pet I.D. tag does not fit on the handle of the harness. It is intended for collars with buckles. 

We recommend these for very active dogs. Each of our custom dog collar tags are deeply engraved and color filled.


CollarTag Sizing: The width of the collar determines the size CollarTag you need.
If your pet's collar is:
3/8 inch wide, use the mini adjustable size.
1/2 inch wide, use the mini adjustable size.
5/8 inch wide, select the small size.
3/4 inch wide, select the medium size.
1.0 inch wide, select the large size.