Ruff Tough Kennel Medium Dog Carrier - Single Door

Ruff Tough Kennel Medium Single Door

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The Ruff Tough Kennel medium dog crate is made of the highest quality materials. It comes standard with the double swing composite door. This medium dog carrier also has a built-in handle which makes for easy transport. Vent hole pattern displayed is standard (1"hole size), with one finger hole in the back. This kennel is also available as a double-door dog crate.

Compatible Accessories:

Tie Down Kit

Water Dish 

Click-Easy Squeeze 

Medium Side Latch Rod Kit

Medium Door Cover

Medium Metal Door Liner

Medium/Intermediate Coupler Kit

7" Hanging Bracket Fan 

LENGTH 27 1/2"
WIDTH 18 1/2" At the widest point
HEIGHT 20" At the widest point
LENGTH 25 1/2"
WIDTH 17 1/2" At the widest point
HEIGHT 18" At point of handle 19" At ceiling
LENGTH 25 3/8"
WIDTH 15 1/2"
WEIGHT Approx. 17lbs