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Penthouse "Montreal"

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With the refined luxury look of this cool gray base, Penthouse 
Montreal positively exudes urban-global flair. The restrained,
grey leatherette and the exciting red of the high-quality
interior make the Penthouse a timeless companion. Whether on
the red carpet or out and about in the great cities of the world,
you are assured of fascinated and admiring looks.
Fits on every car seat The Penthouse docking station is child‘s play to fit over the 
headrest on any car seat. With the car seat belt, the Penthouse
transport system can be secured within seconds in a few simple
moves. So safe that even the TÜV SÜD has appended its seal to it. The
docking station is made of ultra-strong materials and makes the
Penthouse Box a ‚Must–Have‘ for every owner of a small dog.
Attract those envious gazes wherever you go!


12.3''H x 15.7 W x 9.8''D