NWC Naturals Total-Zymes Plus Combo

NWC Naturals Total-Zymes Plus Combo

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I use this product on Bruce Lee who has always had digestive issues. After about 5 days of use I could tell he was feeling better. His breath improved and no more bouts of diarrhea. He's been on a 1/2 tab 2x a day for a year, I'm so impressed. I literally tried everything before I found this.

I've used it on our other dog Lola that would get diarrhea when we travel, I give her one 1 tab 2x a day a few days before we leave and no problems now.

I want to let people know about this great product, we do not sell this product. The link below will take you to the manufacturers website.

Paw printHealthy digestive system
Paw printHealthy immune system
Paw printReduced food intolerance
Paw printSmaller and firmer stools


Please click on THIS LINK and you will be directed to their site. And then select the Enzyme-Probiotic Combo