BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness MAY Limited Margarita Madness

BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness MAY Limited Margarita Madness

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It's May and definitely time for some Margarita Madness.  Jessica Ajoux of Ready Go Agility picked out this months limited fabric.  This print incorporates my favorite colors and adult beverage, I know I'm ready are you! 

Jessica is familiar with a variety of breeds and has personally trained and competed with All-Americans, Border Collies, a Briard, Yorkie, Cocker Spaniels, and her Chinese Shar-Pei. She believes that Agility is a sport for all dogs, though the methods and training techniques can vary depending on the breed and personalities. The dog is your best teacher! Jessica and her dogs Fame(US) and Optimus Prime are always fun and exciting to watch.  You can usually find them at the top of the podium at National Events.

We only made 25 of these in the following sizes.

2 Lucy Toy

1 Oliver

2 Lucy Petite

1 Callie

6 Lucy Small

2 Garminn

8 Lucy Medium

1 Ares

2 Dixie

If you are not sure of the size click here to use the size calculator.

MAGNET WARNING - The strong magnetic fields near a neodymium magnet can affect pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.  Many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates it with a magnetic field.  Therefore, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently deactivating such devices