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Adjustable Collar Tag Stainless Steel

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This CollarTag design will work on any single-ply nylon webbing, and again: We GUARANTEE they will not fall your pet's collar provided you order the appropriate size based on the width of the collar the pet you are ordering the tag for wears. The 1" CollarTag also works on the handle of our harnesses. In short this is the CollarTag Design to order for any webbing (collar or harness) that does not allow you to slide a CollarTag onto due to a clasp – or for any other reason.

Sizes Teacup and Toy do not have handles.


For ADJUSTABLE LENGTH COLLARS that close with plastic snaps. Tags are made of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick and bent to match the curve of your pet's neck.
We guaranteed they will not fall off.
We have this style in sizes that fit on:
3/8 inch wide collars, use the mini size
1/2 inch wide collars, use the mini size
5/8 inch wide collars, size small
3/4 inch wide collars, size medium
1.0 inch wide collars, size large - Fits Harness Handle - Note Toy and Teacup Harnesses do not have handles.

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