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Natural Rabbit Bait/Treat Bags

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These are natural Rabbit Bait/Treat Bags, you can hang them up while your working with your dog, or just hang it off your wrist or belt and always have your treats at the ready. Our rabbit fur dog toy is super fun if you want to use them to teach your dog to tug. You choose the handle length, longer lengths are great for little dogs. If you are going to use this rabbit fur dog tug toy to teach your dog to tug, we recommend the longer handle lengths as the longer handle reduces shock to your dogs neck, your shoulder and saves your hands. This bait toy has an opening on the top with a quick pull tab open for quick access to treats. Please note that our rabbit fur dog tug toys are made from Natural Hides, so the dimensions are not exact.

Size Small 4" W x 3" D

Size Large 5" W x 5" D